A Time To Reset

  • 11 months ago

What… it’s September?! We’re not sure how on earth this has happened, we’re slowly creeping into Autumn and schools are going back to actual classrooms. If there was ever a time giving us the ‘fresh start’ feels it is the month of September.

A time to take stock and reflect on the year that’s quickly passed us by. Because, boy it’s been a crazy one. What a year it’s been.

No one could have predicted the year we have had so far and if you’d have told us this time last year the hand that the year would deal us, we wouldn’t quite have believed you. 

As we’ve heard over and over again from Bojo, on the news and in conversation, it has been an unprecedented time. Unbelievable in parts and a struggle to comprehend.

This year, more than ever, time is needed to process our current world. We all know how important looking after our own wellbeing is, but do we actually do it?

We settled into our lockdown routines of swapping the commute for morning yoga, swapping the office for our own homes and swapping hangs with friends for virtual ones. We slowed down because we had to. We stopped, realigned and we were reminded what is actually important. With things beginning to ramp up again, pubs, workplaces and now schools reopening, life has the potential to return to the busy business as usual.

‘Busy’ was not and is not productive, nor is it healthy. So, before things get too intense and we all get wrapped up in our own ‘busy’ lives, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The semi fresh start that September brings is an ideal moment to try this.

Set a date with yourself, add it to your calendar, schedule a reminder. Whatever steps you need to take to ensure it happens, take them. And definitely don’t bail on yourself.

For us, in this time, our go-to is to get outside. Whether a walk, a run, a bike ride, anything that will get us outdoors. Because, nature makes us better. It gives us the space we need, it gives us the room to breathe and more than anything it gives us clarity.

At times of crisis, when the world’s issues seem inconceivably big and unsolvable, individual purpose can seem small. Questioning yourself and your purpose is common when faced with such unknowns. But getting out into the great outdoors, for us, gives us an opportunity to realign with our purpose. It gives us a time to reset and enforces the reasons to keep moving forward. Whatever this time looks like for you, whether getting outdoors, listening to music or even journaling, take the time. Use it, savour it and take our word for it, you’ll be better for it.

As ever, if you’ve got any great ways or methods to reset and refresh, ping us an email – we’d love to hear them.

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