At What Cost? Purpose Checkers

  • 4 months ago

Moving towards sustainability for your own business also means getting a better understanding of who you’re working with.


But let’s be honest, how often do we have the time to do a full investigation of every potential client, partner or employer to work out if their hearts, minds and business values are in the right place?

Now imagine if there was a tool that could help you identify if a potential new project, partner or employer is operating with sustainability at their heart… before you’d even started working with them.

With the rise in greenwash, ethical consumerism and as more brands begin to consider their impact on the planet, we’re seeing a rise in purpose-driven communications from businesses of all shapes and sizes. As an agency, we’re seeing an increase in businesses and organisations looking to put sustainability at the forefront of their brand, and we wanted to create a simple tool to help you check that the people and organisations you’re working with have similar ambitions. 



So, we’ve created a series of purpose checklists to help fellow agencies, business owners and creatives explore whether potential work and partners are aligned with your intentions to be good for people and planet. 


The following checklists are designed to show the costs (or benefits!) of:

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New briefs or projects 

New clients, suppliers or partners 

Potential new employers 


*These are designed as guidelines, not to greenlight projects!

Please do your own research and use common sense!*



How do they work?


Each tool has a tailored series of questions, based on the type of work. At the end of the forms, you will end up with a score that will give an indication of how the work might impact the world. We have also taken into account how the work might affect you, and help keep you clear of questionable projects.



So why is this important?


At Enviral, we’re forever dissecting briefs and unpacking businesses to explore if they’re truly practicing what they preach. Why? Because as creatives, we know that we have a role to play in helping to communicate a greener, fairer world. With our checklist, we want to arm others with the right tools to question briefs and dig a little deeper to decide if a project or client has the right intentions. 

We know that collaboration is key to combating climate breakdown and to have the biggest impact, it’s important we work together. So before you dive in head-first, be sure to use our checklists to ensure any new project or client is working to put purpose first. 




Enjoy using these checklists? Found something that doesn’t quite work? Please let us know! We’re constantly evolving them, and would love your feedback to make these tools as effective, and useful as possible.





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