Communicating During A Global Pandemic

  • 12 months ago

What a year hey. And it’s not over yet!

The recent announcement from Bojo, which confirmed a tightening of COVID restrictions, laid clear the expectation that fighting the pandemic was to be the norm for at least the next six months. This has got us thinking about what this means, or doesn’t mean, for the climate crisis and other issues we really care about.

We’re marketers. We tell stories about brands doing great things and we shine a light on those creating positive impact for our collective future. Communicating is in our blood. But even we have to admit that communicating our values and what we believe in against all the noise and devastation that is currently going on in the world is tough.

2020 has definitely been full on, it’s thrown a hell of a lot at us and it’s not even over yet! So, being able to cut through all the many voices to communicate our message has not been easy.

We know and understand that the climate crisis and other issues that have come to light this year may not be at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. But we have chosen to keep telling our stories, share our thoughts on wider issues and give our opinions throughout in the hope that we can continue the conversations. Continue the momentum that we had already started to see.

 Yeah, we’ve had to think harder and dig deeper to ensure that the comms we are putting out are balanced and sensitive but oh boy, we love a challenge. We’ve had to consider the stories we’ve told, how we’ve told them, when and how they will be read and what emotions they might stir. All whilst considering how these messages will sit in the wider landscape of what is going on and what people are having to deal with. 

Dealing with an unprecedented pandemic is hard enough, so it’s no shi*t that the climate crisis conversations have taken a back seat. We know it can be hard to care about the climate crisis when our immediate future, freedoms and health is under threat. Yet, even with all the worry and heartache we’re all experiencing, these conversations need to be continued.

We know that in times of crisis comes the biggest growth, and if the last six months have shown us anything it is that when we all work together, we can bring about some serious monumental change. This period of time has given people the chance to assess what is important to them and the greater world around them. There have been shifts in behaviour, statements of change and more people are listening. So what better time to communicate.

Even for a communications agency however, getting heard has been difficult. We’ve been careful not to shout, not to add to the noise, but to instead offer some much needed value and direction. 

We like to think through our considered approach to the stories we tell and the issues we choose to talk about, to ensure we’re offering something that’s helpful, that can teach, that can be learnt from. Hey, we are still learning and how we learn best is through exploration and discussion. Through communication.

If what you’re talking about is open, honest, has a positive message and has the ability to teach, then people will listen. We’ll continue to communicate the climate crisis and other issues that are close to our heart in this way because it is through a collective understanding that we can create the greatest change.


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