Extinction Rebellion’s Stirring New Video with Keira Knightley Plus The Creatives For Climate Pledge

  • 2 years ago
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This week saw hundreds of organisations pledge to support Extinction Rebellion in declaring a climate and ecological emergency. 

This week, Extinction Rebellion released a stirring video, voiced by Keira Knightley (OBE), which sets out the simple case for immediate action to prevent climate breakdown.


Keira Knightley joins a growing population facing up to the climate emergency, which includes over 200 arts organisations who’ve just pledged their support to Extinction Rebellion. 

And this week, we also took the pledge. We joined a host of fellow environmentally-conscious creative agencies in an industry-wide movement to support Extinction Rebellion. We pledged to ‘declare a climate and ecological emergency and act accordingly’.  

The #CreativesForClimate movement calls on agencies to “use their power for good”. This means disclosing the percentage of their turnover that comes from high-carbon clients by the end of 2019 and abstaining from fossil fuel briefs.   

At the time of writing, 50 agencies have now signed up. You can check out some the Climate Disclosure Reports here

As creatives, we’ve all got a responsibility to effectively communicate the climate crisis, educate on positive actions and perhaps most importantly, inspire change. 

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