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Tell us about your background, how did your journey with Enviral begin/when did your journey with Enviral begin?

As a digital creative that’s worked within the animation industry for nearing a decade, I was really yearning for a role that put purpose front and centre. I wanted to practice my craft in an environment where people are super energised and passionate about the wider creative industries, as well as the societal impact that we have as designers and communicators. Having met the team, it quickly became clear that this is exactly the type of energy that’s emitted from Enviral.

Why is sustainability important to you? 

It’s impossible to not be connected to the environmental changes happening to our planet. As someone who is forever trying to spend more time outdoors – whether skateboarding, wild camping, hiking or simply walking my dog – selfishly, it’s so apparent how important being with nature is for me. But also to know the immense quality that the natural world brings to my life, and then to consider this to be something that might be neglected from future generations, or even communities right now, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that far more effort needs to be committed to preserving our natural world.


Tell us more about your specialism and how you use it to support the business? 

I’m an animator and motion designer – this means that I typically deal with all moving things within the digital space – but I’m also really passionate about character design and animation as well as storyboarding. The way that people engage with ideas is changing. Digital content is increasingly competing for the attention spans of viewers in an increasingly noisy online world. Animation is especially important within this digital sphere, as it’s a medium that is capable of captivating an audience and communicating ideas quickly and efficiently. Animation is able to portray complex ideas in a digestible and emotive manner.

Best moment with Enviral so far? 

Whilst there have been so many memorable moments with Enviral – my favorite is simply coming to the office after lockdown restrictions had been lifted. Considering I had joined the team during lockdown, and had spent a year interacting with my colleagues through Zoom, it was especially awesome when I was finally able to have face-to-face conversations with the team and work closely with others on projects. The work is immeasurably better when you’re able to share the enthusiasm with others.

When you’re not at work where would you be and why? 

On dry days, I’ll sometimes be found at Bristol skateparks with my old-man skate gang. On weekends, I massively enjoy a leisurely walk in a green-space with my dog, maybe followed by a pint at a pub. Some evenings I’ll be out catching some live music in the awesome covid-safe live music venues recently opened around Bristol, or sometimes I’d be in the garden trying to build shabby furniture from pallet wood.

Tell us about a brand you really admire and why/what are they doing? 

There’s a Bristol based record label called ‘Worm Discs’. They launched at the beginning of lockdown last year following their success as a jazz-based club night ‘Worm Club Disco’. Not only do they support a growing jazz scene in Bristol, but they also run a bunch of club-nights which are allowing up-and-coming DJs to man the decks in different venues around Bristol. I’ve been supporting them since their launch, bought a bunch of their LP releases, and booked a bunch of their shows around Bristol. Their releases are also getting a heap of plays on R6 music, putting Bristol in the limelight.


Tell us about your greatest adventure so far? 

Living in China was most definitely my most impactful cultural experience. I was invited to Nanjing in 2013 to direct a pilot episode for a children’s TV show. I spent four months over the summer working with an animation studio, and I met a gang of international expats that I explored and partied with whilst I was there. We spent time in Shanghai and travelled to Mount Lushan in the Lianxi District. Travelling solo is hugely emotionally intense – you are constantly out of your comfort zone and are forced to meet people to share your time with. Our Chinese colleagues were super friendly, inviting us into their homes to drink tea, and taking us out into the city for sightseeing.

What excites you most? 

I get most excited about planning things outside of my comfort zone. Often it’s been travelling abroad to strange and exciting places – but more recently it’s been heading out with a tent, my dog, and a few days worth of food to hike a trail somewhere. Going out and having amazing experiences is awesome, and coming home afterwards feels so good.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

“Under promise and over deliver”. This phrase has probably been most useful with my career, but it’s something that can definitely be applied to many areas of life when making promises to people. I find it so important to manage people’s expectations, and create an environment for myself to succeed with whatever I’m trying to accomplish.

What do you hope to learn in the future? 

I aspire to generally be a better communicator – whether through the animation and design I’m making, or in-person when talking or presenting to others. As a digital artist, I spend a lot of time interacting with a computer, but less time interacting with people. Although I find most of my enthusiasm and motivation from communicating with others. I’m trying to be a better ‘yes’ man, to give myself opportunities to meet new people and learn from others.


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