Get To Know Team Enviral: Jo

  • 9 months ago

We’re taking another dive into the Enviral team to learn about their inspirations, motivations and their epic adventures.

This week, meet Jo…

Tell us about your background, how did you journey with Enviral begin/when did your journey with Enviral begin?

My journey with Enviral was a little unconventional, but that’s the way we like it. I’ve worked in the creative industry for about 12 years, it’s an industry I love being a part of but I really wanted to do more to have a positive impact on the world. I’d been eyeing up Enviral as a place I wanted to be for a few months, a mutual contact set up a chat with Joss – a few socially-distanced coffees and chats later and the role of Happiness & Development manager was born.


Why is sustainability important to you?

I’ve always been concerned about our impact on the environment but when I became a mum this intensified. I worry about the type of world that my little boy, his children and grandchildren will live in. As a parent, you want their future to be full of possibilities but sometimes that future feels bleak. I believe that it’s not all doom and gloom though, there are some amazing people and initiatives driving positive change all over the world. We all need to do our bit to be better and to lead by example and that’s what I plan to do. 


Tell us more about your specialism and how you use it to support the business? 

I guess my specialism is continuously thinking about how we hold onto our awesome culture, energy and passion, ensuring we don’t lose anything as we grow.  My role is pretty unique, especially within the agency world, but during a time of climate crisis with stress and anxiety on the increase,  never has developing happiness and a rad culture been so important.  ‘Culture’ is a word that is banded around a lot but for us it’s absolutely our life force which helps us do epic things and sets us apart from others.

Best moment with Enviral so far?

Not to be cheesy but working with the incredibly lovely and talented people at Enviral, the passion, energy and vibes are infectious. Our team walking meetings are an awesome way to catch up during a global pandemic – it’s also a huge bonus that we get to get out in nature!


When you’re not at work where would you be and why?

By water (sea, lakes, river, docks, a puddle- I’m not fussy). Water has a profound calming effect on me, the flow, how it moves it has an amazing energy which I love to be around.


Tell us about a brand/business you really admire and why/what are they doing?

I’m a huge fan of Upcircle. They’re a beauty brand fighting waste by sourcing and reusing by-products from other industries. It’s zero waste and redefining an industry. What’s not to love?

Tell us about your greatest adventure so far?

It has to be travelling around Europe with my husband and 9month old for 9 months in a 25 year old motorhome. This truly incredible experience allowed me to spend time in beautiful places as well as spending time as a family, which was so special. Being around for key milestones and seeing our child experience the wonders of nature was something I will never forget.


What excites you most? 

Creating an environment that supports people to overcome obstacles and coming out stronger.  One of our newest team members said ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, I love this attitude it’s mega!  


Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Lean in on your passion – big ups to Nina, an awesome mentor whose advice led me to this role.


What do you hope to learn in the future? 

How we can continue to make positive changes and bring people with us. Sustainability can be complex and the climate crisis can be scary, but the more I learn about what is possible the more hope I have. I feel like I’m at the start with an incredible journey with team Enviral and I cannot wait to see where it takes us! 


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