Get To Know Team Enviral: Josh

  • 1 year ago
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We’re taking a deep dive into the Enviral team to learn about their inspirations, motivations and their epic adventures.

This week, meet Josh…

Tell us about your background, how did you journey with Enviral begin/when did your journey with Enviral begin? 

I started with Enviral during lockdown. Covid-19 put the brakes on a planned cycle adventure around Europe, so I sought out a different challenge. Before moving to Bristol, I worked in marketing in London, and for a ski and outdoor sports brand. Being an Account Manager here has allowed me to get involved with a huge variety of exciting projects, with some really cool organisations who are committed to making a difference.


Why is sustainability important to you? 

The great outdoors is vital to our wellbeing, as well as being our amazing home… and as we only have one of these, it’s super important we protect it! We are lucky enough to have some of the most picturesque beaches, mountains and countryside here in the UK, which provide endless opportunities for adventure and headspace.

Sustainability is the only way to safeguard these spaces, so everyone can carry on enjoying them for generations to come. 


Tell us more about your specialism and how you use it to support the business? 

As an Account Manager, I work with the team and our extended network of freelancers to help our clients tell their stories. This has a huge scope and means I’m involved throughout the entire creative process, from initial idea to delivered campaign!


Best moment with Enviral so far? 

I’ve not been here long, but working with Surfers Against Sewage to launch their latest campaign, Generation Sea (which heavily features lasers and seals) has to be pretty high on the list! Having the opportunity to work on such an impactful campaign, which is creating some serious impact is so epic, and I can’t wait to get stuck into some more! 


When you’re not at work where would you be and why? 

Ideally, at Glastonbury with friends, or cycling somewhere with them in the sun!


Tell us about a brand/business you really admire and why/what are they doing? 

Tony’s Chocolony. They make ridiculously tasty chocolate and are pushing the industry to reassess it’s problematic working conditions, with the view of making chocolate slavery-free. And on top of all that they have great branding! 



Tell us about your greatest adventure so far? 

Trekking in Nepal up towards the Tibetan border. We ate far too many dumplings and got badly  punished by altitude sickness. All was redeemed as we were lucky enough to see the Himilaya’s first snow of the year and some incredible scenery along the way. 


What excites you most? 

Planning the next trip to explore somewhere new, that or some really good food… 


Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Always ask the stupid question, it never is. 


What do you hope to learn in the future? 

How to bring more creativity into my day-day routine. Being surrounded by creative colleagues and clients is super inspiring, and I can’t wait to absorb as much creativity as possible and bring it into all aspects of my life, both inside and outside of work.