How We Made Our Sustainable Shoot COVID-Friendly

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We are constantly looking at all areas of our agency and how we can continue to improve, be the best we can be and ensure that we always put people and the planet first.

Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do and whenever we are faced with a task or problem, we always come at it from a sustainable angle to find a solution that aligns with our purpose.

From the clients we work with, to how we as a team lead our lives, we are always adapting and learning. This is no different to how we carry out our work too. From photo shoots to videography and also our most recent TV campaign with our awesome clients Good Energy, we are always looking at ways we can ensure that we can limit both our own and our clients impact when working on a project. 

This TV campaign was a bit of a big deal for us at Enviral HQ, but that didn’t mean we were willing to compromise on any of our core values and in making the day as sustainable as it could be. Obviously the added impact of COVID-19 did make things harder but it was great to take on this challenge. So we knuckled down, put the work in and made sure the shoot was as sustainable as we could make it and safe for all involved.

Photo by Enviral : Behind The Scenes, Good Energy TV Ad

With rotations on national TV and radio stations, we’re hoping this national campaign will raise awareness of the impacts of the climate emergency and with global renewable electricity installation set to hit a record level in 2020, it’s another shout out to the power of reusables in safeguarding our home. 

To give you a bit of insight into how we do this, we’ll let you in on a secret… we’ve made our very own set of Enviral Sustainable Shoot Must’s which you can find as a handy download within our campus section, basically a checklist of items that we ask any clients we are working with to follow. Keep reading for our top tips. 

1. Think least impact

Obviously doing no filming would have the least impact, but we know this isn’t always possible so we always encourage producers to think about if any of the filming or photography could be gained via stock imagery. This can encourage more creative thinking in terms of working with what you already have.

2. Stay diverse

Throughout the whole of your production, seek diversity amongst the team. From talent to crew and catering.

3. Think renewable energy

If hiring vehicles, can they be electric? If shooting at a studio, is it powered by 100% genuine renewable energy? Does your shoot location have electric charge points?

Photo by Enviral : Behind The Scenes, Good Energy TV Ad

4. Leave nothing behind

Ask all crew members and everyone involved to bring a reusable water bottle or coffee cup and if shooting outside respect your surroundings and leave only footprints!

5. Try to travel green

Encourage crew members to travel via public transport if they can. If they have to travel by car, ask them to carpool and get them to record the mileage so you can offset their miles. 

6. Go local

Think about whether you can run your shoot locally to avoid unnecessary travel. If not, can you source crew members local to the location you have picked instead? Use equipment and props from local companies and feed the team with ethical, local grub!


Our clients appreciate our Sustainable Shoot Musts as one of our policies. We’re completely transparent in how we conduct our work and clients respect that. That said, trying to run a shoot in the way that we wanted facing new constraints due to COVID was tough and it did make things a touch harder. We’re not ones to shy away from a difficult task and we were stoked to be able to offer our creative ideas and support to Good Energy on this project. We love the result! Watch it below and find out more about the campaign here.

Video by Enviral : Good Energy Science Fair TV Ad

Extra things that we had to put in place to ensure that we were able to maintain a safe shoot was a COVID19 Production Plan, to include protocols whilst on set, PPE, equipment, travel and to cover food and drink.

A COVID procedures document also had to be drawn up, which covered things like the locations, on set and access, strict guidelines for wardrobe, hair and make-up, who could handle equipment and even a post-filming procedure. A health declaration had to be filled out and signed by everyone that was going to be on the set, pre-shoot day, confirming their health and fitness for the day and to ensure there was no compromise to other members of the crew or actors. What we found was, like with most things, a combined team effort and a common goal made the whole process a lot easier. Everyone was rooting for the day to be a success, turned up with some awesome positive vibes and with extra patience just in case we needed it! Luckily, we didn’t. 

We also had an epic COVID supervisor called Mel to ensure that all the procedures were being adhered to throughout the shoot. 

Photo by Enviral : Behind the scenes, Good Energy TV Ad

It was an awesome day and we are super proud of the work that was put together by all of the team and stoked to be helping Good Energy convey such an important message. Telling stories really is our lifeblood and COVID or not, we were determined to make this shoot as epic as we knew it could be.


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