Let’s Hear It For These Epic Women Doing Amazing Things To Help Save The Planet

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Earlier this week, the ‘BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Power List 2020: Our Planet’ was announced.

The list celebrates 30 epic women whose work is making a positive difference to the environment and the future of our planet.

We sat with the volume loud, getting more and more inspired by stories of the women who featured. Women who have broken barriers, smashed stereotypes and dedicated their lives to making the world a better place.

We know on a personal level, that all the issues surrounding the climate crisis and how we will solve them can hang heavy and feel overwhelming at times. It’s a conversation we have on a regular basis, what can we do, what’s the right thing to do and questioning whether our individual actions will make a difference.

That’s why this list is so awesome. It’s shining a light on 30 incredible women across a number of roles and sectors and celebrating the things that they are doing in those areas. From activists and campaigners to genuine innovators, this really is a roll-call of awesomeness. Of women who are leading the way in the fight for our planet and showing that when we put our mind to creating positive change, amazing things can happen. 

 We’d definitely recommend getting clued up on all 30 of these inspirational women but we’ve put together a run-down of the top five below.  


 1. Caroline Lucas – Green Party MP

 A woman making waves in the most powerful place in the UK, within Parliament. Caroline Lucas is a Green Party MP, the first in England and Wales, and has been a party member since 2010. Continually fighting for our planet as part of cross-parliamentary groups on fuel poverty and renewable energy, she makes her voice heard. Recently, she has been focusing her energy on pushing through the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. A true advocate for the planet and all-round hero!


2. Farhana Yamin

According to the judges of The Power List, Farhana Yamin is ‘a powerhouse of climate justice’. Her role as an Environmental Lawyer has seen her advise on climate change policy at a very high level for over 20 years, showing countries, leaders and government how they can play a more positive role in the fight for our climate. As well as her work at this level, she has also set up the ‘Think and Do Community Climate and Eco Action’ pop-up at a local level hoping individuals will discuss their own ideas and the roles we can each play in order to make an impact.


3. Rosamund Kissi-Debrah

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah founded The Ella Roberta Foundation, following the tragic death of her daughter, and is a World Health Organisation Advocate for Health and Air Quality. She has made it her mission to raise awareness and campaign for clean air and through her work has helped in securing the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London.  


4. Mya-Rose Craig

Mya-Rose Craig, otherwise known as Birdgirl and fellow Bristolian comes in at number 4… and we couldn’t be more stoked for her. She’s the youngest person to see half the worlds’ birds and has been writing her bird-based blog and sharing her love of birds and nature for years. She’s also an active environmental campaigner and she set-up Black2Nature, which aims to give Visible Minority Ethnic (VME) communities’ equal access to the natural environment. With a connection to nature being so important to encourage action, she wants everyone to have access to it and to be able to experience the joy it brings. Joss was lucky enough to welcome her on to The Goods Podcast back in July where they chatted all things nature, activism, environment and inequality. Listen here and get ready to be inspired. She’s a true role model for the next generation.


5. Sophie Howe

Sophie Howes is the Future Generation Commissioner for Wales. We think this role is pretty epic, she basically holds the government to account with future generations in mind. Everything from transport to climate change, she acts as the voice of the future in the hope that present day actions help, not hinder our children and those to come. Standing up for those who cannot be heard yet, but whose voice is so important in the current conversations, we think the future has a good chance with Sophie in its corner.


Seriously, what an epic list and that’s only the top five! These women are ones to know about so take a look at the full list here. The planet as it stands is at a crucial point, a place where action needs to be taken, and taken quickly. These women are leading the way in the fight for our planet in fantastically different and varied ways, showing us that all actions that are made with the planet in mind can make a difference. With such a big fight before us it will take all of us to pull together in order to make the change needed… and with these women at the helm, we’re feeling pretty positive!


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