Lockdown Reflections: Team Enviral

  • 1 year ago
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With the lockdown restrictions gradually easing, we’re starting to reflect on the last few months, which have been the strangest in our lives. As we start to slide towards some form of normality, we’re starting to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. 

The lockdown has, without a doubt, been something none of us saw coming, and if you’d have told us about it last year, we wouldn’t have believed you! It’s also been a time when we’ve really learnt to appreciate what we have. 

As day 100 of lockdown passed us by last week, we as a team have been reflecting on the unprecedented time that has been our lockdown, what’s kept us busy, and perhaps most importantly, what we’ve learnt. 

Ed – Account Director

How have you been keeping busy in lockdown?

Biking, of course, both Bristol lanes and gravel routes, although never too far away as fatherhood has always been around the corner! Walks with the fam and early morning exercise.

Lockdown activity you’ll continue with? 

Exploring my local surroundings. There are so many good adventures right on your doorstep. And early morning exercise, it’s hard to get out of the door but I feel so different sitting down for a day at work after being out it’s worth it, want to keep that up.

Lockdown learnings? 

To (try) and embrace uncertainty and live in the present – this is bloody hard but I’ll do my best!. 


Joss – Founder

How have you been keeping busy in lockdown?

I’ve been doing pilates, I’ve tried out some virtual art classes, got my flatmate to give my hair a trim via an online haircut tutorial and I’ve even been wild camping in the back garden!

Lockdown activity you’ll continue with? 

The pilates, it’s way harder and better for you than you think.

Lockdown learning?

Talk to your family and friends more. Reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in years. Life can suck you up, remember the nearest and dearest are more important than your inbox.


Emma – Account Manager

How have you been keeping busy in lockdown?

Growing veg! And learning to grow things from old food too. It’s been awesome to connect with where food comes from and really learn about what it takes to grow the things we eat. I’ve also been exploring parts of Bristol I’ve never been before through walks and cycle rides and getting acquainted with online HIIT.

Lockdown activity you’ll continue with?

After being totally stoked with my first veg harvest, this is something I’ll deffo continue doing! I also hope to keep exploring parts of Bristol I’ve never visited, and keeping up the family Zooms! 

Lockdown learning?

A break from my usual routine has shaken things up, but it’s also given me the opportunity to do things I would have never done. It’s made me appreciate what I have around me, whether this is my local area or my friends and family. I’ve learnt that we really don’t need much to be happy.


Miles – Content Producer

How have you been keeping busy in lockdown?

I’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with all my friends via video calls. I don’t understand why we didn’t do this in the past to be honest! I’ve also loved baking, attempting to master sourdough and the team Zoom pasta making class to celebrate Enviral’s 2nd Birthday- that was awesome.

Lockdown activity you’ll continue with? 

I’ll definitely continue with the video calls moving forward.

Lockdown learning?

My hometown friends have managed to disperse themselves all over Europe so it’s rare we ever get to all meet up (at weddings usually). I can’t believe how easy it was for everyone to jump on a call, and I don’t know why we had never done that before.

As tough as the last four months have been, there were a few things that we could all agree on. We’d all tried things we never would have done before. We’ve all reconnected with our surroundings and really appreciated what we have. Even as the adventurers that we are, we are probably sometimes guilty of ignoring what’s on our very own doorstep. We’ve all connected with family and friends more so than we would have and questioned why this wasn’t the norm before. 

The resounding feeling is that lockdown has been a time of learning. As with any time of hardship or discomfort, it’s generally times like these that we experience the most growth within ourselves. We learn to adapt and to be resilient. 

As we move forward and lockdown measures ease further it will be the experiences we’ve had and the qualities we’ve gained that we’ll hold on to. 

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