“One day I hope my niche won’t exist.” Welcome to Enviral.

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Joss Ford

In the future, my hopes are that my niche won’t exist.

Why? Because I believe that every company should have a social or environmental purpose, otherwise what’s the point in doing business?


I don’t blame the companies that haven’t jumped into the deep end of purpose led business, as it can seem like a questionable decision. We all know that both time and money aren’t ever abundant in the present, and there are always things that ‘take priority’.


Plus, let’s be honest, sustainability has had a bit of a bad rep in the past – it’s all a bit doom and gloom, academic and treehugger-y, not to mention the minority of sceptics that fuel those press arguments. It’s no wonder that the nature in how we approach being socially or environmentally friendly as individuals, businesses and governments has been a bit like jumping into the shallow end of a pool.


Fortunately, an ever increasing handful of companies have taught us some valuable lessons, especially in the past 3 years – and in rare cases a decade or two more, that businesses who put people and the planet before profit, have lead to themselves futureproofing themselves as market leaders. Sustainability leads to great brand stories, which in turn leads to great word of mouth marketing, and when a community shift their spending habits it creates for a ‘better’ future.

I’m not just talking about the Tesla’s and the Patagonia’s of the world, I’m thinking of your local town’s bakery or clothing store which have gained massive hype from communicating their values transparently, which in turn has lead to increases in local and even national sales. These shops and enterprises, even if unintentionally are massively reaping the rewards by shifting their communications techniques.


The fact is though, the mere nature of a business isn’t good for the planet, and in the gross-majority of large cases, business leads to a more segregated wealth gap which leads to a whole host of complex knock-on issues. But the system isn’t changing any time soon, business will keep on striving to grow.


What is changing though is how businesses are delivering their day to day operations. In response partly due to consumers wanting more from brands and industry regulations, but also because of younger generations wanting to interact, follow and work for socially and environmentally aware brands.


Yes, it can change quicker, and yes there will always be companies over-inflating how good they really are – but because of the increasing understanding of the; ‘companies that do good, do well’ motto, we’re at a really interesting crossroads which I hope will continue to influence business decision makers of all sizes and industries for the better, and put my niche into a norm.



So what’s Enviral’s little part in aiding this movement?

Well we love documenting the journey’s of companies that do good, and we’re fiercely passionate about adding value. We don’t know all the answers, but frankly when it comes to the complex topics of both sustainability and marketing, which has mind-bending amounts of variabilities, nobody does. What we have is an awareness that places creatives, brands and consumers, along with a constant drive to stay on top of current trends under one tight umbrella.


Enviral is a marketing agency – we just believe that every company should act with people and the planet as a priority and we don’t see any point marketing companies who don’t share our values for a better future.

With degrees and backgrounds in sustainability, as well as a wealth of experience in marketing, with continuous testing to stay on top (and occasionally in front of the fast-paced marketing curve!), we’ve carved a little niche in telling companies ‘purpose-driven’ stories. We also offer day to day marketing services for companies who have, or would like, social and environmental values in their companies day to day operations.


Yes there are other marketing agencies out there who communicate companies sustainability missions, and you’ll be hard to find any agency who wouldn’t want to work on telling a companies social or environmental story, as after all it’s good for their own PR – but can they honestly say they live by those values? Do they even understand those values?


On top of that, does that agency understand the under 30-year-old market?

Everyone knows marketing buzzwords are a fad, but Millennials and Gen Z (marketing agencies main buzzwords) are age groups of much more complexity than just saying you natively talk to them via influencers and snapchat.

We often joke – “what’s harder than solving climate change – teaching Baby Boomers about social media”

Yes it’s rash, and obviously a massively sweeping joke, but from a business case, every agency will pitch to a client saying they understand how to interact with younger generations. The true fact though is that we don’t even fully understand Millennials and Gen Z, and we are Millennials and Gen Zs!


I really think you’ll be pressed to find more hardworking and passionate people than Enviral and our partners when it comes to trends, marketing and sustainability.

We’d love to extend our network and be involved with exciting projects – so get in touch, even just to chat about the exciting crossroads of business. If you know anyone who may benefit from our free content or services, then send them our way. We’d be eternally grateful.


We look forward to sharing our journey with you.