Enviral have been nominated for a Drum Award for: Best Use Of Video

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Big news! We’ve been selected as a finalist of The Drum Awards For Digital Advertising for Best Use Of Video.

We couldn’t be more stoked to be nominated and are beyond happy that we get to share this with our clients, Good Energy.

As marketers, The Drum is a pretty big deal for us. We read it to get inspired, keep up to date and awe at awesome campaigns, so to be nominated against some pretty big hitters is truly amazing. We feel a little bit like David vs Goliath nominated alongside brands like Amazon Prime, KFC and The Scottish Government – but our message is needed in the current world we live in. It just goes to show that creativity and a bold impactful message can be amplified by anyone, no matter if you’re going up against huge brands, huge agencies and huge budgets, our bold cut through purpose driven messaging is getting noticed!

We are all playing on the same platforms, fusing our creative and technical ability to optimise digital advertising. Currently there is no better way of getting your message in front of the masses, and our Power Of Less Campaign was seen by multiple millions of people, leading to hundreds of requests for quotes for our renewable energy clients. This important narrative, launched before Black Friday on the run up to Christmas got people thinking about overconsumption and it’s direct relation to climate change, encouraging genuine positive change.


To have Stephen Fry lend his voice was just the cherry on top! Check out the animation here: ⚡️

Video by Enviral: Good Energy Power of Less Animation

This Power of Less campaign was part of a three waved campaign lasting 6 months raising awareness of the UK’s greenest energy company Good Energy. This was their biggest campaign to date and the Power of Less had an overarching goal of reaching and engaging a wide-scale audience on issues around overconsumption and the impact on the climate breakdown. 

We couldn’t be prouder of this one – we crafted everything from the strategy, to the hard hitting visuals to the emotive script, and even secured a guest appearance voice over from the Steven Fry, arguably the most recognised voice in the UK.

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do, we truly believe that stories are our way out of the climate crisis and they’re so vital when it comes to communicating purpose. We knew the video had to tell a great story, an important story, one that people would be able to relate to and one that would ignite that fire for people to think about their impact and the changes they could make.

Overconsumption and the devastating effects that this behaviour has on our planet are highlighted in the video. It boldly states the need for people to use less, waste less, and take less in order to protect our planet, with a particular focus on energy consumption.

Photo by Enviral : Out-Of-Home Billboard, Good Energy Power of Less

The hero asset in a multi-channel approach (if you’re local to Bristol and the South-West we’re hoping you spotted the various anti-consumerism billboards dotted around), the campaign launched in the run-up to Black Friday and Christmas specifically to urge people to consume consciously and not to waste the planet’s limited resources. ‘Don’t waste our energy’ was the defining message across all platforms and this firm messaging was supported by a bespoke web page, social assets and social first cutdowns of the animation. 

Black Friday and Christmas are the two of the biggest dates in the shopping calendar and the mad frenzy they stir needs to change. We’re not saying don’t buy anything here but we as a collective need to shine a light on behaviours that are just not sustainable for both ours and future generations. This is why it was important for the campaign to launch at this time and really get consumers thinking about their own habits and actions they could take to ease the burden on the planet.

Photo by Enviral : Out-Of-Home Billboard, Good Energy Power of Less

It really was amazing to work with Good Energy on this. We love that although they aren’t the biggest energy provider in the industry they aren’t afraid to be bold. It was awesome to be able to help showcase the incredible work they do. It also allowed our team to push their creative boundaries and explore what was possible whilst communicating a topic close to their hearts. Big ups team, you smashed it!

Storytelling and strong messaging are how we can create impactful change. Championing the positive, creating comms that are relatable and offering up solutions. That has the power to disrupt and we think that is the way forward and it looks like the folks over at The Drum may think the same. We couldn’t be prouder to have our work selected and we’ll be keeping everything crossed that we can come back to you in a few weeks with more good news!



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