Why COP26 Is The Perfect Opportunity To Shift The Narrative

  • 8 months ago

After two years of waiting, it’s finally here. COP26 has finally arrived in Glasgow. There’s been so much hype, buzz and news coverage but we hope that the next two weeks produce way more action than words.

With world leaders coming together to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time, it’s absolutely vital that they set tangible goals and actions to safeguard the future and hold each other to account. And with the 6th IPCC report recently showcasing how humans are responsible for climate breakdown, the time for change has never been more vital. At Enviral, we believe that we must move away from the narratives of ‘wake up’ to ones of action. We must shift the narrative to focus on solutions and communicate in a way that gets everyone on board. 

As communicators, we’ll have our ears firmly to the ground throughout COP26 to explore current communications (both good and bad!) and unpack why these aren’t working. Let’s be frank, climate breakdown has been in the news for over 30 years yet little has actually been done to tackle it. Yeah, we’ve had summits, speeches, strikes and everything in between, but this has only resulted in words and flimsy targets. So what is it about climate comms that isn’t cutting through? 

Is it the million-dollar campaigns by big oil to spread scepticism around the science, or is it the rise in greenwash and consumer doubt?

Either way, something isn’t working.

How do we create a new story to effect genuine, positive change… and quickly? How do we re-frame sustainability as a business opportunity, not a compromise? And how do we push governments and businesses to do better?



COP26 provides the best opportunity to find out. It’s a crossroads. We either stick to the same old sustainability as usual, or we shift it up a gear… and at Enviral, we know which one we’re rooting for. 

So with people from all over the world coming together in Glasgow, we’re excited to hear the range of different voices and opinions taking part in some of the most important conversations of our lives. It’s our role as creatives to unite these voices and tell their stories in order to connect hearts and minds. That’s why throughout the next two weeks we’ll be creating a series of different blogs and videos which are centred around this idea of ‘shifting the narrative’ to explore how we help ensure we see action and not just words.

Alongside this, we have our brand new podcast “Shifting the Narrative” where we’ll be publishing daily episodes, recorded on the ground at COP26, with a number of special guests dissecting the climate narratives at the conference.


So make sure you follow our socials for on the ground action from Glasgow as we catch up with experts, special guests and Enviral friends.




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