Why Millennials Are Ignoring Your Brand

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Rise of The Millennial

Millennials are those born between the 1980’s and early 2000’s and are the first generation of ‘digital natives’, or those who grew up in the digital age. Millennials currently make up 30% of the UK workforce, and are set to represent 50% of the global workforce by 2020.

For their entire lives, Millennials have had total access to information, whether this is from Google, social media or even Siri. With the click of a mouse or the tap of an app, this generation is connected to the world in ways that previous generations could only imagine.


Let’s be honest, Millennials have had their fair share of bad rap, but this generation is truly paving the way for societal changes and striving for a better world.

So for the generation which quite literally has the entire world at their fingertips, how do you ensure they’re engaging positively with your brand? Well, if you believe your brand is missing out on the millennial market, we’ve outlined the reasons why you might be, and how to combat this, below.

You’re not giving-back

With Millennials more likely to get behind brands that they believe are giving back to the planet, this generation puts a much greater focus on purpose led companies over profit led ones. However, these must be genuine. Millennials can spot green-washing a mile off and once it’s been identified, it’ll spread across social media channels like wild-fire and you’ll have lost their trust.

This is a great opportunity for you to overhaul your brand’s purpose and the causes you believe in, and if you’re not already, then it’s a great time to start giving back.

You’re not investing in experience

If you want to reach the ‘unreachable’ then you have to think outside the box.

Tech-savvy millennials can often tune out of traditional methods of marketing by implementing things such as ad-blockers, because they’ve grown up being bombarded by adverts. So, if your ads are being ignored then you need to get creative in order to reach them in a way that they’ll actually connect with. One great way to do this is through experiences. The Harris Group study reported that 72% of millennials would rather choose an experience than a material item, so ensuring you’re sharing your brand through an experience they’ll enjoy can help you demand their attention.

If you’re looking for brands that have nailed this, you only have to look at Red Bull who do the majority of their marketing through events. Check out the Red Bull Stratos project for a concept that really blew the minds of the millennial market.  


You’re ignoring micro-influencers 

Forking out huge sums of money for celebrity (macro-influencers) to endorse your brand won’t necessarily earn you a truck-load of new millennial fans. This is a generation which has grown up being bombarded with online advertising and can often see straight through these posts.

With only 3% of millennials saying they would consider buying a product if it was endorsed by a celebrity, it is the micro-influencer market, whose values and opinions they trust the most. And don’t just take our word for it, research shows that micro-influencer product endorsement results in a 30% increase in the likeliness of them buying a product.

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