Why Moments like Earth Day Are Vital For Driving Meaningful, Positive Change 

  • 3 months ago

Earth Day. The day when all eyes turn to the plight of our planet and what we must do to protect it.

It’s more than a marketing day, it’s a moment in time when many governments, businesses, brands and individuals have the climate front of mind, and a vital opportunity to capitalise on the momentum and propel the environmental movement forward. 

The first Earth Day took place in 1970, when millions of Americans took to the streets to protest against environmental issues. Fast forward over 50 years and this hugely powerful day is still encouraging climate activism, increasing global awareness around the climate crisis and massively contributing to the growth of the environmental movement. 

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Earth Day should be every day’, and whilst we agree, it’s unfortunately not the case. There’s still a huge need for these moments in time to focus attention and shine a spotlight on the environment in an increasingly noisy world. With the pandemic, global conflicts and the energy crisis, to name a few, our news feeds are full of stories that demand our attention. Earth Day is the one day where the focus is firmly placed on the planet and what we must do to protect it. It’s a time when brands and businesses can help to push the environmental message further, amplify the voices of those struggling to be heard, and reach new, engaged audiences. 

So as we sift through the good and the bad of the Earth Day campaigns and sort the green from the greenwash, we’ve asked the Enviral team to share their thoughts on these moments in time and explore how they can be used to drive genuine, meaningful change. 


Meggie – Account Director  

On what should be a celebratory event, we now need to use these international days as an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental protection and in turn empower consumers to demand systemic change.

A successful Earth Day Campaign should be empowering and honest, tapping into the emotional drivers of the audience by having authenticity at its core – from purpose through to messaging.


Josh – Marketing Manager 

Moments in time allow organisations to tap into the zeitgeist and reach a larger, more aware audience with their messaging. Wider public awareness of these topics is always beneficial when they align to your content or campaign aims, as it allows an opportunity to offer an expert opinion on a topic. 

However, it’s absolutely vital (especially for climate-related topics), that brands don’t simply jump on the bandwagon, and use moments in time as an opportunity, but rather use them to offer examples of how they create meaningful action consistently, and use the time to celebrate this. 


Emma – Copy and PR Specialist 

Earth Day is the one day when the spotlight is firmly on our natural world and the solutions we have to safeguard it. It’s a moment in time when the plight of our planet is front and centre, and a day when climate-related stories truly cut through. As businesses and brands, it’s vital we add to this movement with engaging stories and creative campaigns that build momentum and push environmental messages far and wide. 

For me, a successful campaign is all about getting your messaging right. It’s about transparency and ensuring you practice what you preach. It isn’t about claiming perfection. It’s about honest, relatable messages which speak to your audience in an emotional way. If it feels fake, off-brand or there’s even a sniff of greenwash, people will see straight through it.


Ed – Project Manager 

These moments in time are important because WE HAVE TO ACT NOW. Businesses are getting the picture but these moments are an opportunity to drive change through an emotional connection with key decision-makers. All it takes is for one campaign to make the penny drop in a person of influence who can then accelerate progress significantly. 

My top tip is to leverage these moments, put a stake in the ground, be bold, be relentless, find the human message and target those who we have to demand more of in this fight for a sustainable future.


Emma – Content and Partnerships Manager 

​Earth Day is so much more than just a day – it’s an invaluable opportunity to connect people to the core love for nature and empower them to form their own personal relationships with it, as a way to show the multi-facet value it offers and how we can work together to protect it.


Jo – Happiness and Development Manager 

Like New Year’s Eve key moments in time can allow us to reflect, connect and change our behaviour for the better. Earth Day is such a moment. It’s a moment to get attention and build momentum from. This creates noise, a buzz, gets people talking which turns into action, whether that’s an individual making a more mindful choice, a business building more purpose into their brand, or governments making policy changes.  

My top tip, it’s nothing new, but keep it simple. There’s a lot going on out there, the issue is complex but the simpler you can make it the more successful it will be. I’m also a huge believer that you need to engage on an emotional level, people need to feel something in order to act. 


Check out our latest Earth Day campaign with our friends at Ecologi here.


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